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TIVOLI WOMEN UNDER THREAT ❒ Some labelled as informers by returning thugs

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TIVOLI WOMEN UNDER THREAT ❒ Some labelled as informers by returning thugs Main11

Some women in west Kingston are now living in fear as word is being circulated that thugs who recently fled the community are planning to return, and take action against those persons who informed on them to the police.

THE STAR has learnt that some female residents in Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town and sections of Hannah Town have been labelled informers by men from the communities.

The men who vowed to challenge the security forces in defence of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, had fled after the Labour Day invasion.

Following the pounding of the community by the security forces, subsequent operations led to the seizure of more than 100 illegal guns, thousands of assorted ammunition and also the arrest of several men. The police also released the identities of several persons believed to be linked to the lawlessness which once gripped the community.

These developments have led some residents, mostly men, to believe the police are acting on information being supplied by women.

"A nuff woman dung yah a fret now, cause talk a go roun' seh when some a di man dem come back nuff a dem a guh get push out cause dem a informa," one male resident, who gave his name as Jacob, said when THE STAR visited the community yesterday.

During a chat with other men who joined the conversation, they claimed the women worked with the security forces as they had long wanted to see the fall of 'the system'.


According to the men, under the system, residents were governed by the rules and laws of Dudus, who could hand down punishment to those who violated them.

"A nuff a dem did waa see di system mash up eno. But dem fi memba seh a it use to keep di order inna west Kingston and mek it one a di safest place inna Jamaica," another man who requested anonymity said. "Nuff a dem nuh waa tek talk from nobody so a that why dem a work wid di babylon dem."

A number of women with whom THE STAR also spoke, admitted to being fearful of what might occur if the thugs who fled the community return.

"Word a go roun' seh a di woman dem a help di police find gun and a call up man name. Is a serious thing eno, cause when people seh yuh a informer dem a guh deal wid yu a way. And inna dem place yah when dem seh yu a informer a kill dem waa kill yu," one woman explained.

Others expressed similar thoughts but all said they were unaware of any woman who could be assisting the police with information.

Meanwhile, the police in west Kingston say while they have not picked up on the situation, they believe the accusations arise from the splendid relationship which residents and the police now share.

"The police and residents are having an excellent relationship, so it may be due to that fact," a Denham Town policeman said.

Head of the division, Deputy Superintendent Arthur Brown, said he was not aware of the fears of the women and promised to check if there was any truth to it and act accordingly.

He also appealed to the residents to continue working with the police for the improvemment of the community.

"I want to appeal to residents to work at strengthening the lovely partnership we have and not make criminals interfere," he said.

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