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Lawyers review Stir It Up Vol.9

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Lawyers review Stir It Up Vol.9 on Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:54 pm



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File - Twin of Twins

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Twins apologise to fans for delay
Says it will be worth the wait

After promising their fans a January release for 'Stir It Up Vol 9', Twin of Twins will have to wait a little longer as the product is being reviewed by their lawyer.

Speaking with THE STAR recently, Patrick Gaynor said the release of the CD has been delayed because it is being reviewed by their lawyer, who is checking if there are any breaches of the law.

"We've been having some issues because we haffi run each volume through wi lawyer. So is the review process really a hold it up. Wi haffi know how fi conduct wi self. Unfortunately, this is taking a bit more time, mi nuh know if it extra controversial or what. We apologise to the fans for taking so long, but we guarantee that it's worth the wait," he said.

people's ignorance

In November, Gaynor said the CD would have been released in January. He also noted that, based on people's ignorance towards their material, they were considering making volume nine their last.

Meanwhile, their lawyer, Christopher Townsend, says checks are being made to see if there are any instances of defamation of character on the CD.

"They have a way of stepping on people's corn, and they asked me to do a review. I have reviewed it and it has now gone for second opinion," Townsend told THE STAR.

However, he was tight-lipped about whether or not there were any breaches of the Defamation Act on the CD. Instead, he lauded the twins' work.

better compositions

"There are some things on it that I find quite funny that other people might not. I think this is perhaps one of their better compositions," Townsend said, noting that the duo usually does good work.

Although the review has not been completed, Gaynor said the CD should be released in March at a launch party. He said the public will be informed of its release by various means.

As for what listeners should expect, he said he will leave that to their own interpretation when they hear the new material.

"We leave things to people's opinion. We won't be arrogant, but we can guarantee seh it's going to be Twin of Twins to the fullest," Gaynor said.

However, he was very reluctant to disclose any issue that was tackled on Stir It Up Vol.9.

"We talk a thing inna di media and everybody try first you wid it. So, some things we choose not to divulge," Gaynor told THE STAR.

On a more personal note, he said he is planning to have a memorial for his deceased son, Zion, in April. In December, he faced disappointment when he was denied a permit for the event in Manchester.

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