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Lisa Hyper does 'Blow' with Kippo

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1Lisa Hyper does 'Blow' with Kippo Empty
Lisa Hyper does 'Blow' with Kippo on Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:09 am



Lisa Hyper does 'Blow' with Kippo STARRIGHT_1_PGQEJArrowFAM
Lisa Hyper and KipRich
Hasani Walters, STAR Writer

Despite being the centre of attention over a year ago after a photograph surfaced with her performing oral sex, Lisa Hyper has managed to once again have tongues wagging, this time about her latest Jam 2 produced in collaboration with deejay KipRich titled, 'Blow Blow'.

In the song the two sing of a saucy love affair saying, "Boring gyal affi come out a mi bed/ Fit yuh affi fit fi ah balance pon head/ Caan tek di gal dem wah a push/ Like dem deh a Jubilee dem ting deh mek vibes dead/ Mi a badgyal real bedroom tegareg/ Wine mi a wine an ah pop off a peg/ Yuh affi work till mi blackout/ Memba yuh frighten di last time mi ketch fits in yuh bed/ An a seh ..."

The finishing blow is delivered in the song's chorus as KipRich sings, "Blow baby girl blow, blow/ Wake up nuh/ Blow Lisa Hype blow, blow/ Wake up/ Blow baby girl blow, blow/ Wake up nuh/ Blow Lisa Hype blow, blow/ Wake up."

Speaking with THE STAR, Lisa Hyper dismissed any negative thoughts that persons might have about the song as she is just being her controversial self and putting her creativity to work.

"As yuh know, controversy sells and that is what brought Lisa Hyper to the forefront, so she always ago have that bout har. She still ago do songs like Must Get Mine, Lock Down Di Place and New Year, New Gear but mi caan lef out the controversy because that's what the people want to hear," she said.

The Buzz

KipRich spoke of how the song came about saying, "When we a do The Buzz (radio programme) mi a seh da girl yah strong inna har self, mi love har determination. After the show done she link mi an a seh she waan wi fi do a song an mi seh nuh worry yuhself. Suh mi write it inna di morning and call har an wi guh do di song roun a King Jammys studio.

"All mi have to say is that the fans dem must listen attentively, listen very keenly," he laughed after mentioning the lines, "Yuh memba dah night deh yuh couldn't get a break/ As yuh blow out di candle pon di pretty cake."

Fans can also look out for Qrius, a female artiste who KipRich says he is working closely with, as well as the video for his song, Over Mi Shoulder.

Lisa Hyper does 'Blow' with Kippo Founde10
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Lisa Hyper does 'Blow' with Kippo Afro_s10

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